March 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Denise and I wanted to take a moment to say hi and thank you again for your prayers and support. You mean so much to us!

As you can imagine, we are super busy with the church plant and preparing for the baby. We are super excited to meet our son. Here are a few fun picture so you can share in our excitement.

Vineyard Viva

Denise, baby and me

This month, Xingu Missions asked us to write an article for their quarterly newsletter. We thought you might enjoy reading what we wrote:

It was just over two years ago that Denise and I arrived in the city of Macapá. We originally came here to help the existing church. There was also an additional plan to plant more churches in the Macapá region. This second plan always seemed a bit far off. I knew that at one point we would want to plant churches, but I always looked at it as pretty far down the road. After a year and a half in Macapá, we realized that things were moving a bit more quickly than what we anticipated. The church we were sent to help was doing great, the divisions in the church had subsided and the attendance had tripled. We began to realize that maybe it was time for us to start really thinking about planting. After having talks with the leadership in the church along with some of our missionary supervisors, it was decided that it was indeed time for the next step.

This last December we made it official and along with fellow missionary Bob Lesher and 8 others we had our first service for our new church, Vineyard Viva (Alive Vineyard). In the 3 months of our existence, God has taught me many things. Of the many things he has taught me, the most significant thing I have learned is to keep my focus and the church’s focus on Him. I know that this sounds simple, but let me unpack this a bit. With a new church, everyone is extremely excited with a lot of ideas: ideas for "in church" ministries, ideas for outreach, ideas on the style in which our church will operate, ideas for everything. The temptation is to make "ideas" and "vision" our Number 1 focus. Although ideas, vision and planning are good things, one thing I continued to hear God speak to me was that we need to be extremely deliberate in placing our focus on Him before anything else. I really sensed God saying that if our focus stays on Him, he will bless our church.

We have already seen God’s blessing on our church. Our numbers have begun to rise, but most importantly, we are seeing God come and meet and impact people. We are already seeing lives changed and this more than anything is exciting. We know we are at the first steps of a long journey and have much to learn, but we couldn’t be any more excited. We feel as long as we stay connected to God and His leading, we will end up exactly where we are supposed to be.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray safety and health for Denise and our son through labor and delivery.
  • Pray for the upcoming transition as we go from a family of two to three.
  • Continue to pray for our church as it continues to grow.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. We love to hear from you.

In His Service,

Christopher and Denise

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