March 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends & Family,

Thank you for your prayers and support. Denise and I greatly appreciate them!

Denise and I have had an exciting month! One thing that was a blast was Macapá Vineyard’s yearly youth conference called Cristoval. This year we had our good friends and fellow missionaries Richie and Christie Bouthillier as our guest speakers. They are from a small city named Portel which is about an 18 hour boat ride from Macapá. Over the last year there have been many discussions between us about trying to unite the two bases. Richie and his son Hezekiah visited Macapá a few months back and our church instantly fell in love with them. It was an obvious choice to have Richie and Christie as speakers this year. They did such an awesome job and many lives where changed.

Cristoval has a special place in Denise’s and my heart. Our first trip to Macapá was two years ago as the guest speakers of Cristoval. At that point Macapá wasn’t even in our mental hemisphere when it came to a place to live, but God had other plans. About six months after our first visit, we were on our way to Macapá! In the last two years we have seen God do many amazing things. One example of this is the increase in our youth ministry. The Cristoval two years ago had about 15 people in attendance, last year’s event had about 45, and this year’s Cristoval had just short of 90! It has been such a pleasure being involved in this process and seeing God at work.

This is a group photo of Cristoval from two years ago when we first visited.

This is a group photo from this year’s Cristoval.

More from Cristoval

When talking to Richie about the possibility of he and Christie coming for Cristoval, it was decided that following the conference Denise and I would return with them to Portel to do some training in their church. Years ago I heard a friend and fellow pastor, Jay Pathak, say that whenever he is invited to go and speak at another church he tries to find something in return to bless his own church. I discussed this idea with Richie when inviting him to Cristoval. We agreed this would be good because it is always hard for a pastor to be away from his church, but much easier when you know there will be a blessing returned to your own church.

New church building in Portel

Denise and me with the Portel worship team

While in Portel we did some training with their leaders, spoke at small groups, Denise did some vocal training, and I preached at their Sunday service. Richie really wanted us to focus on interacting with the Holy Spirit, so I made that the theme of the week. Any chance I got, it was the Holy Spirit I was talking about. Throughout the week it was awesome to see how the Holy Spirit showed up and did some really cool things.

Leadership training on Richie & Christie’s boat

Prayer Requests:

1) As you recall from last month’s newsletter, Denise and I are planting a second Vineyard in Macapá. Please pray for continued wisdom as we seek the Lord and make plans.

2) Pray for the Lord to be in our planning with short-term mission teams and visitors who come to stay with us.

3) Pray for wisdom and protection through this busy season and the upcoming changes.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. We always love to hear from you.

In His Service,

Christopher & Denise

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