February 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your prayers and support. They are always so greatly appreciated.

After all our visitors and the busyness of the Christmas season, Denise and I were happy to get back into our "normal" routine. When we say "normal" we say that very loosely because our "normal" is in a season of change. Our day to day tasks are constantly evolving because of some big things coming up in our life.

The next year is going to be fun but wild to say the least. J We have a number of visitors coming to stay with us over the next few months including fellow missionaries Bob Lesher, and Richie and Christie Bouthillier. We also have a trip planned to do some ministry training in Portel, we have a pastor’s retreat in Altamira, and a wedding in São Paulo. We will be receiving a short-term mission team from my home church at the end of May and directly after that we will be heading to the United States for our first furlough in 3 years.

Bob Lesher (who is visiting)

As I’ve stated in past newsletters, probably the biggest thing coming up this year is that we will be sent out by our church to plant a second Vineyard here in Macapá. This has definitely shaped and affected our recent routine more than anything. There is a bit of a balancing act between our current work with Vineyard Macapá and our work and preparation with the upcoming church plant. We are fully committed to helping stabilize and prepare our present church for our upcoming departure and at the same time committed to planting seeds for the new church.

Some ladies from church

Some guys from church

Our home group

Over the last month we have begun to make new connections with people living in the area where we plan to plant our church. A while back we met two brothers named Mateus and André. Both Mateus and André have a desire to be involved in the Vineyard, but because they live on the opposite side of town, the distance has been too difficult. Several weeks ago we started meeting with them at a location close to their house on a weekly basis, and the plan is that our first small group will be in that area. We also recently met a couple who have pastoral experience, but are new in Macapá and haven’t found a church home yet. This week they told us that they felt like God put Denise and I in their lives to mentor and disciple them. We will also be meeting with them weekly and our hope is to start a small group with them as well.

Two brothers Andre and Mateus. We will try to get a small group started at their house.

Visiting a family who live close to where we will plant. Will hopefully get a small group started at their house.

It’s a very exciting time, but also a time of trial and error. Much of this is new to us and the process can feel extremely slow at times. We feel God is directing us to make the process simple and to not overcomplicate it. We feel that if we can get to know some new people and start a few small groups in this new area, it will put us in a good position when we return from the States and are ready to plant.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for increasing relational bridges in the area of Macapá where we plan to church plant.
  • Pray for the Macapá Vineyard and their leadership team as we move toward planting.
  • Pray for our ability to be good hosts as visitors come and go.
  • Pray for wisdom and protection through this busy season and the upcoming changes.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. We always love to hear from you.

In His Service,

Christopher & Denise

Link for contributions: https://xingu.org/opportunities/giving/meyer-ministries/


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