November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your prayers and support. They are always greatly appreciated.

Denise and I have had a good month. It started out with a trip to our annual missionary retreat. This is a time for all the Xingu Mission missionaries to gather and be ministered to. It is extremely easy for us as missionaries to sometimes neglect our own spiritual and emotional needs. This year at our retreat we had Dan and Sandy Thiessen, a couple from Canada who have been professional counselors for many years, come and minister to us. They were amazing, and their insights and perspective into our life difficulties and challenges were extremely helpful. Denise and I, and all the other missionaries were very blessed by them. These retreats are also a time for all the missionaries to catch up with each other and have some fun. Every time we get together with my fellow XM missionaries, we feel so blessed to be part of this family!

From our missionary retreat

Back in Macapá things have been busy. At the moment our biggest focus has been discipleship and leadership training. When it is time for Denise and me to leave and plant a new Vineyard, we would like our present church to be in as healthy a position as possible. One thing I have found is that training leaders is more challenging than I realized. We have been very encouraged and excited by the progress made, but have learned that leadership training takes a lot of effort and commitment from those being discipled as well as those doing the discipling.

Our Small Group watching the testimony of John Wimber (who founded the Vineyard Movement). We watched with subtitles.

Small Group Worship

Over a year ago, when Denise and I were in São Paulo helping out with a worship seminar, we met a young man named Samuel. At that time Samuel had just begun a walk with Jesus. Throughout the week, Samuel began to share his desire to come visit us in Macapá. Before saying our goodbyes, he made a promise that he would visit us. Six months ago Samuel made good on his promise. While he was here, God did some powerful things in his life. By the end of his weeklong visit, he was talking about how he felt God was calling him to come live in Macapá. At the moment Denise and I didn’t know how serious he was, but two weeks ago Samuel moved to Macapá!

Samuel being prayed for at the church

Since arriving here, things have gone well for Samuel. He has found a job, a place to live, made many new friends and has fit right in. He is a very talented musician and can play multiple instruments. He has been extremely helpful with our worship band. We all love Samuel and couldn’t be happier that he is here with us! Although he is overjoyed to be here, he is experiencing many new things. This is Samuel’s first time living away from his mother’s house. In fact, his visit here six months ago was the first time he’d been outside of São Paulo. Please keep Samuel in your prayers!

Our church

Other Prayer Requests:

Continued growth, discipleship and sense of community in our church.

Continued leadership development.

Wisdom, discernment and God’s heart as we care for those inside and outside the church.

Thanks again for your prayers and support. We always love to hear from you.

In His Service,

Christopher & Denise

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