March 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your prayers and support. We appreciate them very much!

Denise and I are still enjoying our new life here in Macapá! We are both very excited to share some of the things that have been going on and that we have been learning. It has been a very eventful month so first I just want to do a rundown of some of the highlights.

Denise and I were invited to take part in a youth worship conference in São Paulo. We both participated in the worship band and I was asked to be the speaker on the opening night. We had a great time getting to know new people, learning new things and seeing God draw near.

Worship conference in São Paulo

The leadership team we worked with

Fabiano praying for me prior to preaching


Three days after returning from São Paulo our good friends and old roommates Geidson and Lica arrived from Altamira to speak at a youth conference we were putting on. The conference went great and Lica & Geidson did a fabulous job. They were also the first of our friends from Altamira to visit us in our new home.

Geidson & Lica

Within 24 hours of Geidson and Lica leaving Macapá, we were back at the airport picking up our fellow missionary friends Phil and Jen Snell. Phil and Jen were joined by their 2 kids and a young woman named Madeline who is here on a short term visa, helping to homeschool their kids. Our time with them was a blast. Spending time with Jen and Phil is always filled with lots of laughter!

Jen, Phil and Madeline with us and some Macapá members

Our church having fun with games

When Denise and I showed up in Macapá around 4 months ago, the church was going through a rough time. As we stated in our last newsletter, things felt very stagnant and dry, but then the Holy Spirit showed up! Since that time, the Lord has continued to revive the church. In a two month period, we have seen our church attendance more than double. Even more exciting than that, we’ve continued to see people encounter Jesus for the first time. We have seen around 10 people make first time commitments to walk with Jesus. Later this month we are planning to have the church’s first baptism in over a year.

Denise with one of our new members, Bianca. She will be baptized this month.

Church attendance two months ago

Church attendance three weeks ago

We have spent quite a bit of time thinking and pondering the reasons for the church’s recent upswing. Denise and I would love to take credit for the church’s growth and excitement, but we cannot. J We do feel that we have helped impact certain areas of the church. We brought new ideas that we have implemented and they seem to be working, but we believe that what is going on with the church comes down to one decision that was made: to always allow a lot of room for the Holy Spirit to operate. During earlier meetings with our leadership team, there was a John Wimber quote that continued to surface: "The Holy Spirit wants his church back." We decided to shorten our teachings and allow extra time to invite the Holy Spirit to minister to us and do his thing. Time and time again, he has showed up. It’s in these moments that we see excitement fill the church. People’s lives are being changed.

Two new members sharing about their experience of meeting Jesus for the first time

Ministry time at the Macapá Vineyard

Denise and I have been humbled by the Spirit’s blessing. We have received front row seats to something beautiful. Many nights we have lay in bed giggling like little children about how fun this is and how much easier our job is when the Holy Spirit shows up. We are so excited for what is coming next. After all, we are not only spectators in his divine plan, but have been invited to come play a part in it as well.

Prayer Requests:

  • The continued presence and movement of the Holy Spirit in our church.
  • Increased discipleship within the church.
  • Protection, provision and wisdom for Denise and me as we minister here.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. We love hearing from you!

In His Service,

Christopher and Denise

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