October 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Well, we are only a few weeks away from our big move to Macapá! Denise and I couldn’t be any more excited! Things are a bit crazy and really busy, but we wanted to give everyone a quick update about what’s been going on. As we have mentioned in our last few newsletters, we are moving to Macapá as base leaders with the goal of planting other churches in the area. Macapá is at the mouth of the Amazon about 300 miles from where we currently live. It is accessible only by plane or boat.

Denise and I just got back from a trip to Macapá. We were there looking for a house to rent. Though the trip had its stressful moments, we found a house that worked for our needs. Our needs aren’t many, but it took some patience and persistence to find a house that had good security, was not too far from the church, had space for the dogs, and was within our budget. God definitely came through for us.

Pictures from the Macapá

Pastor Felipe

Denise and my new house

In a few days Denise and I will be leaving town again on a four-day Missionary Care Retreat. Although we are focused on trying to get everything together for our move, we are both very excited to spend some time on the coast with the other missionaries from Xingu Mission. Longtime family friends, Craig and Linda Heselton who are pastors at Vineyard Columbus, will be joining us for the retreat. They will be meeting with all the missionaries, helping us sort through the ups and downs of the missionary life. It will be great to sort through some of these things before our new undertaking in Macapá!

Hanging out and saying goodbye to some Altamira friends

Denise and I at the Gurupa Vineyard


Prayer Requests:

Please continue to pray:

  • For the Missionary Retreat, that we would be refreshed, envisioned and encouraged as we move into this new adventure with Jesus.
  • For our upcoming move to Macapá. Pray for all of the details including the transport of our possessions by barge.
  • For increased financial support. We have been strongly encouraged to increase our monthly support.

We are so grateful to those who are supporting us monthly. If anyone would like to begin financial support, please go to the following link on the Xingu Mission website (https://xingu.org/opportunities/giving/meyer-ministries/). Even small amounts given regularly are extremely helpful. We can’t say how much we appreciate your support, financially, relationally, and most of all, your prayers. We love hearing from you!

In His Service,

Christopher and Denise


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