February 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,

Denise and I are in the middle of a month of travel, so this will be a brief newsletter. We first went to Santarem (a city about 300 miles west of where we live in Altamira). Denise’s mother and father pastor a church there. Her two brothers also live there while they attend university. We had a great time visiting with them and getting to see their church.

Denise with her mom, dad and brothers

Denise’s aunt and uncle in Santarem

From there we flew to the coast of Brazil to the city of Macapa. We were asked to do a conference for the Vineyard Church there. I preached at the church there, then we traveled to a Retreat Center for the conference.

Denise and I on the beach

An agouti – a rodent related to the guinea pig, but with much longer legs

“Our kids”: Nel, Bel and Jack

I will send a longer newsletter in March with all the details of our travel, but I wanted to get this short note out today to thank you for your friendship, support and prayers. We appreciate your continued prayers for our health, finances and safety as we travel.

We miss you all!

In His Service,

Christopher and Denise

Link to contribute: http://www.xingu.org/14g_meyer_donation.html


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