April 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

The past month has been exciting but extremely busy. Denisé and I are putting the details together for our May 10th wedding. I have rented the house we will be living in after we get married and I have moved in myself. We recently spent a week at another Vineyard base in the town of Portel. And we are doing these things with the normal pressures of a third-world setting.

I am excited to get into the new house. So far it is furnished with one hammock for sleeping and one chair for sitting J. The move is significantly stretching our budget even though we are renting it for an extremely reasonable price. The property has a variety of fruit trees and is somewhat overgrown as the jungle is constantly taking back what is previously cleared.

Our future home

Denisé and I traveled to Portel with another missionary to determine whether at some future date this might be our next home base for us here on the Amazon. (The Xingu Mission which plants Vineyard churches in the Amazon region has four or five bases spread out over a large area of the Amazon basin. Each base is used as a launching pad for planting churches in that area.) We took a boat to Portel, sleeping in hammocks amongst lots of strangers for 2 ½ days. Line boats are the primary mode of transportation on this river system. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Richie and Christy Bouthillier who are the base leaders and also spent time on their boat, the Maranatha. They just established this base recently, so it is still very new and they have just begun to gather people for the first church to be planted there.

On the line boat

On the Maranatha

New construction at the Mission Base at Portel

While we were in Portel

High water during the rainy season

A River Village near Portel

The wedding draws near and there always seem to be details that need to be taken care of. Even though the Amazon region is very third-world, it seems that taking care of a normal detail (like getting a marriage license) is far more complicated than in The States, and often involves standing in lines for hours only to find that there is some new procedure that was just implemented. This is very much like the Brazilian culture. I find living here delightful and fulfilling, and at other times confusing and stretching – but I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and am right where God wants me.

I want you also to know that Denisé and I will be returning to The States for a number of weeks after the wedding. My family is having a U.S. wedding reception for us that we would love for you to attend. My parents have made arrangements at the Alum Creek Dam Shelter House on May 23rd. We will probably begin to gather around 5:30pm. We will be having dinner and look forward to seeing our friends.

I want to thank all of you again for your prayers and financial support. As I said in my last newsletter, I have been asked to raise more money because of increased expenses with the housing changes and marriage. Our contributions are still falling considerably short from what we’ve been asked to budget. I have taken out of savings to cover the short-fall, but would ask for your prayers that God would cover what is needed.

Thank you again for all the generosity. We look forward to seeing you soon.

In His Service,

Christopher (with Denisé)

Xingu Mission

P.O. Box 340785

Columbus, OH 43234

(Make checks payable to Xingu Mission with “Meyer Ministries” on the memo line)

For online Contributions:



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