March 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Denisé and I wanted to express our heartfelt appreciation for your prayers and support together this month. We are so thankful for your friendship, encouragement and generosity.


From Christopher

With my wedding quickly approaching and with all the new things going on in my life, it is easy to become overwhelmed, just focusing on all the things that I need to check off my "to do" list. I find that I sometimes need to make a conscious effort to slow my mind down and reflect on life in general and God’s hand working through it. It was perfect timing that Bud, Altamira’s base leader, approached me about taking a trip on the river with a few Brazilian pastors to visit some small communities. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to get away from all the busyness and reflect a bit.

It was amazing being out on the river watching how Bud, Clenildo and the other Brazilian pastors operate amongst these villagers. We visited village after village with a simple agenda of showing love. I thought a lot about the days of Jesus and how he and his disciples did very much the same thing. Instead of the floating down the Xingu, their highway was the Sea of Galilee. Whenever Jesus left a community, there always seemed to be trail of changed people left in his wake – changed as a result of his immense love and compassion.

The villages we visited are communities Bud and Clenildo have been investing in over an extended period of time. Watching how the people lit up when seeing our boat draw near was awesome. Although the trip was fantastic and eye-opening, it was also stretching. I am realizing that when I pull myself away from the distractions and busyness of life, there is a type of withdrawal that I go through. It seems to take my mind a few days to slow down and be able to rest in the moment. The cool thing is that once my mind slows down, there is a peace that begins to arise in my heart. I believe this points to our need as humans to have times of drawing away to a quiet place, putting some distance between ourselves and the craziness of life. I am determined to make this a higher priority in my life.

With some friends at a jungle waterfall.

On our way to the waterfall.

This is the rainy season here on the Amazon. I thought I knew what a hard rain was till I came here! Not only does it rain hard, but during the rainy season most every day at some point we will experience a major downpour. This turns the normally dusty roads into a muddy mess. It is quite an experience. Snow doesn’t sound all that bad.

A street during a downpour in Altamira

The Transamazon Highway

From Denisé
As Christopher has already pointed out, life these days has been pretty hectic and crazy. It’s easy to focus on little things and take my eyes off Jesus, and also forget about all the transformation God has done in our hearts and all the blessings he has poured into our lives. It is sometimes very difficult for me to loosen my grip on the circumstances of life – especially involving details of the wedding. J Christopher has been helping me a lot by encouraging me to do my best and then hand things to God. This period of my life has been full of big transitions, dealing with so many new situations. For example, learning how to communicate with my fiancé is an ongoing process; sharing my life with someone else is humbling, but I love to see these changes happening within me.

Although life has been full of these stretching growth opportunities recently, I am so excited and overjoyed for what’s to come! Christopher and I grow closer everyday and it is such an amazing feeling knowing that I am with the right person. It becomes more and more obvious to both of us that God has been preparing us for one another for a long time. Confirmation comes not just through the way we feel about each other on an emotional level, but also by the way we see ourselves starting to operate in ministry together. Lately we have had the opportunity to sit down with a number of couples and help them through some of their difficulties. Christopher and I have come from two very different places in life which gives us an advantage of seeing things from different angles. And this is only the beginning! We are both so excited to see what God has in store for us!

Gathering before a service at a River Church

Prayer Requests

– Please continue to pray for Denisé and me as we ask God for direction for our future ministry here in Brazil after we are married (on May 10th).

– Please pray for continued growth in our financial support. I (Christopher) am attempting to meet the new budget set for me now that I will be married, including a significant increase for housing as we will not be living in a mission apartment at a very reduced cost.

– Pray for fruitfulness in our ministry, both within the churches and reaching out to the community.

Thank you again for your kindness and support. Denisé and I love hearing from you.

In His Service,

Christopher & Denisé

Xingu Mission

P.O. Box 340785

Columbus, OH 43234

(Make checks payable to Xingu Mission with “Meyer Ministries” on the memo line)

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