December 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. It is my prayer for you that this season is filled with joy.

I cannot imagine a year being full of more change, adventure and transition. Last March I packed most all my earthly possessions and moved to Brazil. My brief life as a missionary has been full of adjustments as well as being extraordinarily fulfilling and gratifying. Living in Brazil has been more exciting than I could have anticipated and at the same time has brought most every insecurity to the surface at one time or another. I don’t regret one moment of wrestling with those insecurities. I have had the opportunity to make many new friends and now find myself more and more at home in my new surroundings. The peace and joy I have at realizing that I can be used by God in Brazil and at the same time grow and develop as a person is an amazing blessing.

The most significant event of this past year without a doubt is entering into my relationship with Denisé and recently getting engaged. Our intention is to be married in Brazil sometime this spring. Denisé has affected my life in so many ways and I see her as a great blessing and gift from God. Our gifts and heart for ministry mesh very well. She is involved in worship at her church, teaches English at the Community Development Center, and is active in discipling others also.

Denisé’s parents, brothers as well as my mom, dad, Denisé and me

Denisé and me at my parents’ home

In this short time while I’m back in the States, my big regret is not being able to connect with more of you. On December 28-29th, Vineyard Church of Delaware County is providing opportunity for Denisé and me to share some of our adventures in Brazil and also provide an opportunity to see and to thank many of you for your prayers and support over these past months. There will be a short Meet-and-Greet after each service that Saturday night and Sunday. It would mean so much to me if you would come to one of those 30 minute meetings so I will have opportunity to say hi and share some of what is on my heart.

I want to thank you again for your emails, prayers and financial support. My ability to serve in Brazil is only possible because you have partnered with me in this way. There are two practical areas of which I want to make you aware:

1) Over the next few months, I will be traveling around the Amazon region on “survey trips”. My intention, together with Denisé, is to seek God’s direction as to where we will settle down after we are married. We look forward to advancing the work of the Xingu Mission together. There are many existing bases where our service may be more valuable than in Altamira. It is exciting to consider how and where God wants to use Denisé and me in the future. Please keep us in prayer as we seek God for direction.

2) I would also ask for your prayers regarding my need to raise additional support. The expense of living as a couple will be more than simply as a single guy, so there will be a need to raise additional support. There will also be additional costs as I take these survey trips. If you can prayerfully consider what part God may want you to take in meeting this need, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for your friendship over this last year. Have a Merry Christmas!

In His Service,



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