November 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As always, thank you so much for your support. Your prayers, notes and financial contributions are so appreciated.

I only have a small update for you this month as I prepare for my visit home to the United States. I have been in Brazil eight months now and it has been a wonderful experience as I’m sure it will continue to be. Brazil has been really good to me. I wouldn’t trade this new life for anything and am looking forward to serving here for years into the future!

I live on top of a hill overlooking the Xingu River.

My cell group.

With that being said, I am extremely excited to get back to the States for a bit J There are many things I am excited about: seeing my family and friends, eating foods we don’t have in Brazil, seeing my dog (Frankie), going to the movie theatre, visiting my home church, and probably most of all, meeting my new niece Olive!

I am also very thankful that my girlfriend, Denisé, is coming along with me. I have received many emails asking about Denisé, so I can’t wait for everyone to meet her. To let you all know a little bit about her, Denisé’s father is the Senior Pastor of one of the larger and better established Vineyards in Brazil, and Denisé is on the pastoral staff of that church as well. She has been so instrumental in my life, and has been a constant encouragement during my adjustment to Brazil. Denisé is honestly one of the most amazing, gifted, sweet and humble people I have ever met. I am truly blessed to have met her.

Denisé and me

While I am home I hope to see many of you. If anyone would like to get together or have me come to your small group and give an update on the work I’m doing, I would love to make that happen. I will be arriving the day before Thanksgiving and will be staying through the holidays. Please feel free to call me at 740.972.5448. I am so excited to share some of the things I’ve learned while being here!

Prayer Requests:

Financial Support – my support has dipped some since first arriving.

Language Acquisition – things are progressing but I’d like to learn faster.
Patience and Flexibility – as I learn and acclimate to the language, culture and my role here.

Thank you once again for your kindness in praying for me, supporting me and communicating with me. I am looking forward to seeing you when I’m home!

In His Service,



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